Creative Director/ Designer

Samia’s designs embody all that is truly Samia: unique, bold, moody and constantly evolving.


Samia combines love in each of her creations.  Every unique piece is a reflection of her intoxicating, contradictory and confident sense of style and identity which outwardly shares her inner love and light through design.

The Goddess Warrior collection is inspired by Greek mythology and its ageless histories. Histories that transcend cultures and personal identities to inspire strength, spirituality, and immortal passion for girls, guys, and everybody else ready to write their own stories.

Specially sourced metals and stones. 

Our jewelry is ethically sourced and ethically made.

Designers Choice

Behind The Brand

Wow Fine Jewelry was established in 2019.

At Wow Fine Jewelry we do things with a little bit of sparkle and pizazz. All our jewelry is made with pure intention, love, and magic so that it can be felt by its wearer, and ultimately change their energy and life in a positive way.

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Kristiana Pinne

Assistant Creative Director